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Marine Collagen Capsules - 400mg

Crucial in the development & maintainance of skin tissue

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Key features

  • The finest marine-sourced collagen
  • Hydrolysed for easier absorption
  • Supports condition of hair, skin, nails and bones
  • Type l - comprises 90% of collagen in the body
Pregnancy Friendly
Marine Collagen 400mg capsule view
Capsule Size
20mm x 7mm (2-piece) capsule
  • Description
  • Product Information
  • Feefo Reviews Reviews

Collagen is a key building block of the human body and is used in the formation and support of bones, cartilage, ligaments, tendons and other key strength-giving components. Collagen contains many amino acids - these are the building-blocks of proteins, and have a central role in biochemistry and nutrition.

Crucial to the maintenance of skin tissue and elasticity

Your body combines collagen with other proteins to give collagen its elastic properties - so it is crucial in the formation, development and maintenance of skin tissue. In fact it is the deterioration of the collagen's elasticity that causes the skin to sag in places and cause wrinkling as we age.

The collagen protein used in supplements such as this one, is broken down into smaller chains of amino acids via a process called hydrolysation. This hydrolysation process makes it easier for the body to absorb the collagen, and therefore ensures that less of it is wasted once consumed.

Premium quality hydrolysed marine collagen for optimal ingestion

Just Vitamins Collagen capsules are manufactured using only the finest hydrolysed, marine-sourced collagen, as opposed to the cheaper and less desirable bovine-sourced collagen. Our collagen is encapsulated in a cellulose-based capsule shell, so will be perfectly acceptable to fish-eating vegetarians ('pescatarians'), although Just Vitamins doesn't class this as a truly vegetarian supplement. The collagen in our supplement is produced solely from fish skin and is guaranteed shark-free. As with all our fish-based supplements, the raw material is from a sustainably managed source.

Our capsules contain Type I collagen, the most abundant form in the human body. It is present in scar tissue, the end product when tissue heals by repair. 

A guaranteed high quality Amino Acid profile

Our collagen also has an guaranteed Amino Acid profile, listed under the Nutritional Information tab.

Nutritional Information
Three Collagen capsules provide:  
Hydrolysed Marine Collagen 1200.0mg
 providing the following Amino Acids  
  Alanine   111.6mg
  Arginine  102.0mg
  Aspartic Acid  86.4mg
  Glutamic Acid  90.0
  Glycine  280.8
  Histidine  14.4
  Hydroxylysine  10.8
  Hydroxyproline  132.0
  Isoleucine  20.4
  Lysine  38.4
  Methionine  13.2
  Phenylalanine  33.6
  Proline  158.4
  Serine  37.2
  Threonine  30.0
  Tyrosine  6.0
  Valine  34.8
Allergen Advice
Contains Fish - see ingredient highlighted in bold.
List of Ingredients
Marine Collagen (Fish),  Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide.
Dosage / Suggested Intake
Swallow three capsules per night with a small glass of water before you go to bed, on an empty stomach (i.e. at least one hour after eating).
Legal Category
Food Supplement


Customer Reviews for Marine Collagen 400mg

The views expressed below are the personal opinion of Just Vitamins customers. Just Vitamins does not endorse these views, nor should they be regarded as health claims or medical advice. All reviews are collected and verified as genuine by a 3rd party called Feefo.

Overall product rating 9.6 / 10 - 169 customers have independently reviewed and recommend Marine Collagen from 169 reviews (showing latest 50 reviews)
Review Date
Review Details
Very good service. Easy to use website and excellent products.
Service rating: Fast, effective service
Product: I love this product, my skin, hair and joints have really benefited from taking it
Service rating: Service brilliant. Easy to order and delivery was quick.
Product: Unfortunately after 15 days I had such bad pain and tenderness in my lower colon so had to stop them. I've since learnt that they can create intestinal problems so plenty of water should be had while taking them. I was taking them to hopefully help with joints and skin elasticity
good product and came quickly
Excellent service. Arrived promptly.
Good on price, free delivery in the UK. Fast service. Vitamins appear good quality. I have used Just Vitamins for years and always been happy
Excellent product, price and service. Will buy again!
Service rating: Excellent service as always and quality tablets.
Product: These really help my joints, have been taking them for years now.
Service rating: I ordered from Switzerland and I received my vitamins just in few days. Fast and reliable. Large choice on the website which is well done.
Product: My skin is rehydrated from inside and looks much better.
very good service and prices, good delivery
Excellent from ordering to delivery. Good range of supplements. Only thing is with the 50+ multivitamins and minerals is they do contain Iron. As to much iron can be bad for some people, Correct me if i am wrong but extra iron in supplement form should only be taken with advice from a GP. The NHS advise that adult men should not need to supplement with iron as you can get enough i.e.7.0 to 8.0 mg from your diet. Therefore a 50+ multivitamin and mineral without iron would be a good thing for those 50 plus who don't need iron
Fast delivery and high quality products.
I am always very satisfied about the excellent service of Just Vitamins. Thank you ;-)
I have used JustVitamins for several years now and have always been happy with the speedy service and reasonable prices. I highly recommend them.
Service rating: Great quality vitamins and fast delivery
Product: great quality and fast service thanks
Service rating: Very good and speedy service. I always use Just Vitamins as I know they always arrive on time and are excellent value.
Product: Best value and as I am in my seventies I need all the help I can get.
Service rating: Fast and efficient, minimum packaging.
Product: So far so good! I take them when I remember and cannot say if they have fulfilled my expectations yet.
Service rating: Just Vitamins are quick to send. We are very happy with the quality and service. I have noticed the positive effects of the Marine Collagen within only a few weeks.
Product: I really like this product. I notice an improvement in skin and hair after only a few weeks and I am 70 years young. I will continue to order!
**** slow servive
Feedback Response: Hello GarethI can confirm that your order was dispatched via 'Standard Delivery (Royal Mail 2nd Class)'. We are asking for all customers patience and understanding with deliveries at this time. Due to the impact of Coronavirus, deliveries are taking longer to travel through the Royal Mail network than usual.Sorry for any inconvenience caused
Service rating: Simple to order speedy dispatch, great prices and products.
Would recommend.
Product: Only taken for 20 days too early to say
Fast delivery, neat packaging. Very good overall experience.
Service rating: Fast and free delivery service in the UK. Competitively priced vitamins
Product: Some difference to hair and nails
I have always been pleased with the ease of ordering from Just Vitamins and the speed of delivery, also the transition to non-plastic packets.
Service rating: they arrived on time and everything was in order
Product: recommend by my doctor I will have to use for a while longer to see the effects
Service rating: Just Vitamins are an excellent company with a great Vitamin range for every need, their communication is second to none and delivery is always on time.
Product: Works as stated, I have been using it for years...
Service rating: Always good products and services 10/10 😁
Product: I've noticed my nails are growing faster and stronger been taking them for 2 weeks now
Service rating: What I expected. Nothing to complain about.
Product: I honestly dont know yet.
Service rating: Items required not available
Product: Supplements seem good, however I thought I only needed to take one so not as good value as first thought
Service rating: Great service easy to purchase and well packaged. Site easy to navigate.
Product: My hair nails need 8bit of help due to illness so I thought it would be a good idea to give it a try,and it's working my nails are already getting stronger and less brittle and my hair has already thickened a little
Delivery and improved recyclable packaging
Quick delivery, like the new paper packaging, a very thoughtful touch.
Service rating: We are years long customers of Just Vitamins. Why? The top quality, very good prices and speed on dispatch. What else?
Product: I DO notice a difference in my hair and nails and am on my second pouch of capsules. I can't say if I feel my skin is positively affected yet because I am using various topical serums, but the capsules can only be good from the inside out.
Ecellent service and quick delivery.
Great thank you
Service rating: Quality products, well packed and delivered promptly.
Product: I take collagen to supplement my own supply as production decreases with age. I like to think it helps my joints and tissues retain strength and elasticity.
Service rating: Good, Easy to use, Arrived quickly
Product: Homeopathic Doc recommended this and it certainly seems to be helping my chronic skin condition
Service rating: Rapid delivery of an excellent product.
Product: Excellent product. Delivered quickly
Service rating: The last 1 - 2 years I have been buying vitamins that made my indigestion worse, as I already have some indigestion problems.
The Just Vitamins not only did not cause me indigestion, have improved my stomach, really worked on me better than I expected.Yes I will buy them again. It will take a bit of time to reorder as I bought a lot of them, but I will. The good thing is that I don't have to go through customs to get them, they come directly to me.
Hopefully will stay the same when BREXIT happens.
The other thing that I find so good is that the tablets test is good.
They don't give you any difficulty taking them, the main thing for me is that my indigestion and stomach got better.
Product: The little bit I tried it found improvement to my skin and strength,
so based on the period I tried it I can give it still excellent
Service rating: prompt reliable service and box goes thru letter box;
Product: good for the skin as you age
Service rating: I live in Spain and would prefer my order to be sent by courier so that I can track it and because it seems more secure. Having said that, so far after numerous orders the Post Office hasn't let me down once. I like Just Vitamins because their pricing structure is clear and transparent. With the Penny sales and buy one get one half price of HB I always feel I'm being ripped off because I don't know the true price of anything. Well done, Just Vitamins.
Product: I use this instead of protein for the gym and it seems to be a perfect replacement.
Service rating: Quick
Product: It seemed to work from the very next day. My gym workouts improved as well as my sleep. Very happy
Service rating: Always a good and easy service. Products are also good and priced reasonably.
Product: Too early to tell if they are having any effect. Easy to swallow. You can also break and add to yoghurt or smoothies.
Very prompt delivery. Good reliable service.
detailed, prompt, very clear website
Highly recommend. Great product and fast delivery!!!
Too early to say what the tablets are like ,but the service was excellent
Quick and efficient
Service rating: I love just vitamins, they are a good price and quick delivery, and my favorite bit is they are in a seal pack so can be posted. I've used them 3 times so far and will continue to.
Product: I love the collagen tablets, they make my skin soft and wrinkle free, I take 2 a day so the 90 tablet pack lasts a good while.
Service rating: Been dealing with Just Vitamins for couple of years and have found them to be the best quality, price and fast delivery.
Product: Great price n quality, wouldn't use any other
thank you
Service rating: Excellent service every time. I’ve been using just vitamins for years and would recommend them to anyone. Top quality products with a top quality service
Product: I buy marine collagen for my knee joints to ease the pain. They work perfectly. I wouldn’t be without them..... I also take Rosehip capsules. These have helped too. I got a clean bill of health from my doctor since I’ve been on them

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